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Browse Instagram locations and hashtags for new user-generated content.

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Get documented permission to use customer content in your marketing.

Stealing content is not the answer.
Manually asking for permission is too tedious.
Tack makes it fast and easy to acquire and manage rights to user-generated content.

Latest from the blog

Instagram API Changes

Facebook announced some big changes to the Instagram API on January 30th, 2018. They’re removing some key features that social media tools depend on and adding some long-awaited features like scheduling posts. We made a 10 minute video to cover the details:

Businesses should check Instagram Direct Messages

Brands & businesses tend to get lots of customer service requests from users they don’t follow. When you receive Direct Messages from people you don’t follow, they go into a separate folder Click on the “X Requests >” link on the right to see those messages. In this example, it shows “46 Requests.”

  • Donna Moritz
    I do a lot of speaking and training in the tourism industry and this tool is a well-needed game changer when it comes to harnessing the power of user-generated content … in the right way!
    Socially Sorted
  • Stephanie Liu
    I have to deliver content calendars to clients every month. Using Tack to source customer content saves me so much time and the posts perform better!
    Digital Marketing Strategist