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Stealing content is not the answer.
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Tack makes it fast and easy to acquire and manage rights to user-generated content.

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How to create a UGC strategy

It’s time to fully embrace UGC, create a UGC strategy and get your customers to promote your product or service through UGC. Are you tired of churning out endless amounts of content on your social channels, only to see your posts reach fewer than 200 people and get 0-20 engagements? You’re not alone. Here’s the… Read more about How to create a UGC strategy

Integrations via Zapier & API

Today we’re launching our API and Zapier integrations. Our API allows your developers to access media assets in the media library. With Zapier, you can be automatically notified about new assets and connect with over 1,500 other apps like Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, Hootsuite and more. Using Zapier Zapier doesn’t require coding. You create a… Read more about Integrations via Zapier & API

  • smiling face
    Tack has been a huge asset to us! The platform is very user-friendly but best of all, the customer support is extremely helpful and quick to respond!
    Elizabeth Hart
    Salamander Hotels & Resorts
  • Olivia Hernandez
    User-generated content is something I am SO passionate about with all of my clients. The content we gather shows such a unique perspective of hotels and restaurants that would cost so much more to gather on our own. My agency wouldn’t run the same without Tack.
    Olivia Hernandez
    Sourdough Social
  • Donna Moritz
    I do a lot of speaking and training in the tourism industry and this tool is a well-needed game changer when it comes to harnessing the power of user-generated content … in the right way!
    Donna Moritz
    Socially Sorted
  • Stephanie Liu
    I have to deliver content calendars to clients every month. Using Tack to source customer content saves me so much time and the posts perform better!
    Stephanie Liu
    Digital Marketing Strategist