Image of a hotel, one of six places all hotels should be curating content from

Six places all hotels should be curating content from

Tired of the same old hero photography of hotel rooms and lobby furniture? Worried the food photos you have aren’t adequately showcasing your F&B offerings? Can’t afford to swing yet another photo shoot this year? It’s time to think outside the hotel and let guests and content creators produce photos for you. Not sure where to start? Here are six places all hotels should be curating content from.

Image of a hotel, one of six places all hotels should be curating content from
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The first stop in your UGC curation journey: users who are already interacting with your hotel. By tagging your Instagram account in captions or comments, these users are inviting you to start a conversation with them and view their photos. Don’t be the hotel that doesn’t continue the conversation.

Tack makes it easy to find these photos by pulling all of your mentions into a centralized inbox. From there you can archive the photos you don’t want and legally curate the ones you do. (BOOM!)

As an added bonus, diving into your mentions is also a win-win for your guest relations efforts. You can thank the guest for sharing that great cocktail photo from your lobby bar and invite them back. If they’re sharing something about their stay which wasn’t picture-perfect, this is your chance to step in and turn their disappointment into a win.

Hotel Location

Your hotel location is one place you should definitely check out for great UGC. Your guests may not know your Instagram handle, but the app automatically suggests locations and recommends geotagging. This is your chance to find out who’s in the area sharing content you may be able to use on social media. 

Hotel Hashtag

If your hotel doesn’t have a hashtag, now’s the time to create one! Hashtags can be short and witty and can be easier to remember than your Instagram handle. Let guests know what your hashtag is and encourage them to share their photos using it. Then, curate photos utilizing your hashtag and continue the conversation online. This last part is key. If you have a hotel hashtag, but you’re not interacting with it—you’re missing half the point of having one.

Hotel Outlet Locations

Your hotel outlets are must-curate spots! F&B locations, spas and golf course views—to name a few—all make excellent UGC opportunities and speak directly to the authentic guest experience.

Look for photos of cocktails from your lobby bar or tasty images of your seasonal specials. Those golf course views that make you swoon when you come to work every day? They’ll have the same effect on your audience. 

Remember: Online users trust other online users. UGC is a more authentic way to showcase your property’s unique features than stock photography. 

If your guests aren’t posting about these outlets, you can entice them by offering a discount (ex. A complimentary glass of house wine) in exchange for snapping a picture, posting it on social media and showing it to a member of your staff. Then you can continue the conversation by requesting permission to showcase the very best images shared. 

(Don’t forget to have them include the hotel hashtag for online branding purposes, too!)

Image of an area hotspot, one of six places all hotels should be curating content from
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Locations featured on your website’s area highlights page

Look at the locations featured on your website’s local area page. Zoos, museums, theme parks, concert venues and more make excellent social media content. By curating images from those areas and sharing them on your feeds, you’re showcasing your proximity to your city’s best attractions and reminding your audience that you’re the place to stay when they’re looking to get away. This also keeps all your marketing efforts aligned so you’re speaking the same language and making the same recommendations across all your marketing channels.

DMO/CVB hashtags

Speaking of showcasing your region, your area DMO or CVB’s hashtags will likely be the go-to location for those gorgeous shots of your city, skylines and natural area. Show your audience that yours is a city to visit by showcasing the beauty of your area. 

40 example requests

We put together examples of 20 casual and 20 formal requests for these areas to get you started 😎

Download 40 examples

Ready to legally curate photos for your hotel from these six places? Click here to get started today.

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