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Tack Talk: Q&A with Agency Owner Olivia Hernandez

We happen to think Tack is an excellent way to curate and use UGC so your brand’s website and social posts reflect a real user experience to better market your product.

But don’t take our word for it. 😉

Olivia Hernandez, founder of Sourdough Social, recently took time to chat with us about how she uses Tack and UGC to elevate her clients’ marketing and content strategies.

What is a fun way you are using UGC in your marketing/branding efforts?

As an agency, we use Tack for all of our clients, most of which are hotels and restaurants. We pack out our content calendar with UGC that really tells the authentic story of what it means to visit our properties, outlets and destinations.

What’s your favorite Tack feature?

My favorite Tack feature is definitely the media library. Having the photos saved to a library with the knowledge that we have rights to all those photos is a real time saver.

Which types of UGC seem to resonate best with your audiences?

The fans of the pages I run seem to love content that is mainly experiential. Something that puts them in the seat of the photographer. For instance, someone “cheers”-ing the pool in front of them or the view out the window from the bed. Fans and guests alike seem to like to put themselves in the moment.

Tell us a bit about your biggest challenges with UGC.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find UGC that is the caliber that we need it to be. As I’m sure most marketers know, not EVERY location is perfectly Instagrammable, as they say. Focusing on creating little pockets inside and outside hotels and restaurants that have great lighting, or are just a cool photo spot, in general, is really helpful to encourage great UGC.

How has Tack helped your business?

Tack has given me the perfect outlet to keep our UGC-focused strategies legal. We’ve always been fans of UGC, and by utilizing a tool like Tack we never have to worry about the legal ramifications of really showcasing our clients through UGC.

What brands or campaigns have you seen that you thought made great use of UGC?

APL (the shoe company) does an excellent job of keeping their feed SUPER consistent by keeping all titular images a professional image of their products but still showcasing UGC by using the “carousel” feature. The first image is a high-quality product image, and then they make their secondary image a piece of UGC each week. To take it to the next level, they give that UGC creator a free pair of shoes, which really does an amazing job to encourage UGC from their customers. It’s a strategy that I think a lot of brands could tailor to fit their Instagram feed + strategy.

If you’d like to learn more about what Tack can do for your brand, we would love to schedule a demo to show you how Tack works. 

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